The Modern Christian Man Part 1: Introduction

Apologetics has become a recent fascination to me. This fascination has quickly lead to a hobby that has completely changed the ways in which I think about nearly everything. For those who are unfamiliar, apologetics is the systematic use of reason and information to defend a point of view or belief. In particular, I am fascinated by Christian apologetics. I believe that in the age of reason and knowledge in which we live, apologetics is the most overlooked tool that we as Christians can use to give others a real glimpse into why we believe what we believe. At its roots, apologetics is the purpose for which this blog is intended. I wish to take a defensive approach to manhood while defending my thinking with what has been written in the Bible. Why should we care about upholding the traditional views about manhood introduced through the bible? Why should we refuse to incorporate modern definitions? Why should we really put so much effort into this kind of thinking? Real, Christian men are a dying breed, and we should seek to restore this ideal through modern means and methods. Think of it like a church worship service. I’m choosing to use guitars and modern lyrics over a pipe organ and hymnal books. What I hope to achieve is making more young men like myself more aware to what a real man looks like from a biblical standpoint. To borrow from the words of one of my favorite pastors, Mark Driscoll, “Society teaches us that real men are those that burp the loudest and fart the stinkiest.” I seek to refute society through what Jesus has to say. What I say will be unpopular with some, but that’s not the reason I write. If I were trying to be popular I would just agree with society. 

The whole idea of starting something like this was revealed to me while thinking about my own life. Thinking about ways in which I could use other examples of men in the Bible to better my own relationship with Christ, I began to think deeply. Even knowledgeable athiests will agree that Jesus was a great person. Many people cite the biggest turn off to Christianity is that Christians act so little like Christ that it seems as if we don’t take it seriously. That is both a slap in the face, and very true in many regards. This thought lead me to think, “Well, if Jesus was indeed a perfect person, then why did God choose to include so many other men in the bible? If we could have an example of a perfect life, i.e. Jesus, then why does the Bible include any information that doesn’t directly relate to Jesus? Why does the Bible include so much history in the Old Testament, and examples of the struggles of different men in the New Testament? Why not cut out all of this controversial material and just focus on the life Jesus lived?” The simple answer I came to is that because no one outside of Jesus is perfect, therefore we can relate to real world examples of flawed individuals more easily than we can to Jesus. Through these flawed people to whom we relate, we are provided with examples of how Jesus uses each of our flaws in a different way. Jesus is a very personal man. He wants a relationship with us, and we must relate to him in some way. Jesus included these men (and women, but I will be focusing on the men) to show us that even though we all have a different flaw, we are still a vital asset to him. This is comforting, but many people don’t see it that way. God shows us who he wants us to be through the examples of flawed lives lived in reckless abandon for him and his glory. This series will attempt to provide clarity into what God intends for us to be as men as seen through the flawed men of the Bible, and to explain why we should want to do so using reason and Biblical insight with a focus on Biblical insight.

We’re all flawed, but it’s in which way we use our flaws that determines the type of man we are. Will we take the easy way out and just claim that our flaws are who we are and give up on becoming the men that Jesus intends us to be? Or will we challenge everything that we have learned from society in favor of what we know to be true? I hope that you will learn as much about Jesus by reading this as I will by writing it.


3 comments on “The Modern Christian Man Part 1: Introduction

  1. Ravi Nerella says:

    Hey, young man! Kudos to you on taking on a such a wonderful topic. I am proud of you my brother in Christ for being bold enough to discuss manhood in the context of how Christ has called men to live. No one in history has caused or will cause passionate discussions as God’s only son. I look forward to reading more on this series.

    • Thanks, Ravi. The whole idea of the blog was born of the idea that men my age have few resources of which to seek counsel or direction in maturing. This is especially true in the context of Christianity. Even fewer resources exist in this regard. I hope to start a trend that will teach Christian men to reevaluate everything they know of themselves and how they are living their lives. This is pointed at my demographic, but will hopefully reach men of all ages and faiths. Thanks again for reading.

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